Everyone can make their UX research fruitful.
We make the journey easier.
Our Story
Founded in 2018, Apple & Banana is a growing UX publication built off 2 principles:
Make research accessible
Don't dumb down research
Why can’t good research content be accessible and smart?

That’s why we decided to build Apple & Banana: a place where anyone can do fruitful research.
Our Name
Apple & Banana looking at a bowl of fruit while Blueberry watches from a window
Research is packed with complex topics so we wanted something simple to share via characters. We thought “Maybe use human characters?” but that felt too restricting. We looked around the room and saw...a bowl of fruit.

We asked ourselves: “Why don't we use fruits?"
Fruits are recognizable
Fruits are very simple
Fruits are for everyone
Practicing what we write, we decided to test it out.

A few quick sketches made us smile and a few visual mock-ups made us laugh.

Apple & Banana was born and we haven’t looked back since.
Our Team
We're a small and passionate team, supported by a global group of members in our Advisory Panel along with 1,000s of readers like you.
Apple is waving
Head of Research
Varun studied psychology and applied statistics, started his career in data analytics and moved into user research at Facebook and Best Buy, and is passionate about making research approachable.
Banana is waving
Head of Design
Rishi studied design and physics, worked at several top design firms in New York, and is focused on making brands more accessible.
Blueberry is waving
Head of Product & Growth
Sibi studied strategy and economics, built startups and venture capital firms, and is obsessed with crafting better products for users.
Pear is waving
Head of Illustration
Dana studied design and illustration, crafted thoughtful brands across the country, and is curious about sharing stories without words.
Grape is waving
Advisory Panel
A mixed collective of researchers from around the world who help Apple & Banana create better content.
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